The Missing Piece: Data Integration

Recently, we discussed how a good leave management system can help you put together the pieces of managing absence to view a clear picture of your company’s leave landscape.

There are some leave systems out there that can provide you with the tools necessary to track FMLA and direct some of the day-to-day activities of managing leave. But most are missing a key piece of the leave management puzzle: data integration.

As most leave managers know, managing absence in an organization isn’t limited to FMLA. Today’s leave specialist needs to have a full understanding of their company’s workers’ compensation leaves, STD/LTD leaves, and any company-specific leave policies.

It’s important for a leave specialist or HR manager to have access to all of their leave data in one place.....and it’s not an easy thing to come by. Most leave management systems don’t have the data expertise and ability to integrate the disparate data silos that house different leave types.

It’s imperative that data integration is done accurately and in a timely fashion to ensure that leave managers are using quality, up-to-date information to make leave decisions. And, thanks to the sensitive nature of leave data, security is of upmost importance.

Without a system that can provide accurate, secure data integration, leave managers will find themselves trying to put together a puzzle without all pieces. Be sure to look for data integration opportunities when building your leave management program and selecting a system.

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