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LeaveXpert® Plus: Our Most Flexible Leave Management Software

LeaveXpert® Plus

LeaveXpert Plus puts flexible leave management at your fingertips, with an employee self-service portal, company-configured leave types and letters, company-defined fields, and built-in FMLA software.

Get Features That Matter to You

Get the right leave management system for your business.

Additional Features of LeaveXpert Essential

LeaveXpert Plus gives you immediate access to accommodation information, so you engage in the interactive process more efficiently. In addition to the bottom-line impact that LeaveXpert Essential delivers, this version gives you:
  • Optis claim intake
  • Employees do not need to file separate FLMA and leave claims
  • They can submit a single claim telephonically or online and need a single medical certification form

Compare the Features at a Glance

With three editions, LeaveXpert software can help your company get a handle on leave.

From Sea to Shining Sea: A Look at the Diverse Landscape of Less-noticed Leaves

Brush up on unique state leave laws and how you can protect yourself from the liability and risk of poorly managed leave policies.

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