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LeaveXpert®: Three Editions for the Right Leave Management System for You


It’s easier than ever for you to find the right leave management system for your organization’s needs. With three editions, LeaveXpert and its built-in FMLA software can help your company get a handle on leave management.
LeaveXpert Essential
Get all of the essential capabilities of a more robust leave management system, including federal and state FMLA regulations, automated alerts, correspondence, and task management.
LeaveXpert Plus

Get flexible leave management at your fingertips, with Optis hybrid model of software and inbound employee interaction. Plus an employee self-service portal, company-configured leave types, and company-defined fields — at an affordable cost per user, per month.

LeaveXpert Unlimited

Our total absence management model gives organizations with complex leave management needs everything they need by Optis managing the complete absence model for your company.

LeaveXpert Learning Center
Dive deeper into LeaveXpert with an informative video and more.

LeaveXpert Essential, Plus, and Unlimited: The Core Benefits

All three editions of LeaveXpert include these core features.
The Core Benefits
  • Federal and State Family and Medical Leave Tracking
  • Federal and State Military Leave Tracking
  • State Non-FMLA Regulatory Leave Tracking
  • Track Employee Leave Eligibility
  • Track Certification Requirements and Receipt
  • Track Approval and Denial of Leave Periods
  • Full and Partial Return-to-work Management
  • Manage Accommodation Requests and Approvals Workflow Tasks — standard only on LeaveXpert Essential
  • Letter and Email Templates — standard only on LeaveXpert Essential
  • Attachment and Document File Storage — 5 GB with LeaveXpert Essential
  • Employee Demographic Data — enter or upload in LeaveXpert Essential
  • Employee Time Data — enter in LeaveXpert Essential
  • Implementation — self-service with LeaveXpert Essential

Expanded Features and Additional Capabilities of LeaveXpert Plus and LeaveXpert Unlimited

In addition to all of the features above, LeaveXpert Plus and LeaveXpert Unlimited offer these benefits.
Features and Capabilities LeaveXpert Plus LeaveXpert Unlimited
Workflow Tasks Up to 10 company tasks Unlimited
Letter and Email Templates Up to 10 company letters Unlimited
Attachment and Document File Storage 10 GB Unlimited
Employee Demographic Data Auto-load
Implementation Optis-managed
Customer Support Premier
Leave Intake Portal Standard Customized
Online Training Available, request pricing
Company Leave Types Up to three leave types Unlimited
Company-defined Fields Yes
Reverse Data Feeds Available, request pricing
Custom Reporting Available, request pricing
Historic Case Migration Available, request pricing
STD/LTD/WC Claim Integration Up to five data sources

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