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As offices across the country are reopening after COVID-19 shutdowns, we’re all looking for efficient ways to keep our employees and work environment safe. For this reason, Optis developed Safe2Work, an app-enabled, web-based health screening program designed to help stop the spread of workplace illness.

Here is how it works:

1.    Before employees enter the workplace, they will be
asked to login to the Safe2Work app and input their
current body temperature and complete a yes or no
checklist of possible symptoms they may or may not
be experiencing such as lightheadedness or nausea.
Companies can also adapt the checklist by adding
symptoms or conditions that might affect certain job
functions. The average time to complete the screening
process is just 13 seconds.

2.    After entering the information, the program informs
employees of any red flags that arise and advises them
not to enter the building until they are contacted by HR
or their manager for further information. HR or other
managing parties assigned to the program will be automatically notified of any employee health concerns, depending on the company’s protocol, and can work with employees to determine if they should stay home.

3.    Optis also has the ability to manage the process from start to finish, allowing companies to maintain an effective health screening program, without being bogged down by processes.

Aside from individual health monitoring, Safe2work produces multiple reports that allow you to track where issues are popping up. For instance, if three people get flagged in one day at a plant in Toledo, OH, you can run reports that identify certain trends on a daily basis. This allows HR and management to monitor possible areas of contagion and implement protocols to halt the spread. To learn more about Safe2work contact John-Alex Bailey at

To learn more about Safe2Work, please send us an email below