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ADAInteract® Makes It Easy to Manage Accommodation Requests and the ADAAA Interactive Process


You no longer need to struggle with managing the complexities of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and its amendment, the ADAAA. ADAInteract increases efficiency in the disability accommodations process by providing a centralized system for managing every accommodation request — and the entire ADAAA interactive process.

1.5 million

lives covered by ADAInteract

Mitigate ADA Compliance Risk, Eliminate Employee Grievances

ADAInteract empowers HR to make the necessary workplace changes to maximize employee productivity, despite ADA-related leaves. It’s built upon an accessible, user-friendly platform and interface to help HR:

  • Track qualified disability determinations
  • Manage accommodation requests
  • Document the interactive process
  • Track essential job functions
  • Protect confidential information

With three editions, there’s a version of ADAInteract with the features and functions that are right for your company. Review the features of each edition of ADAInteract®.

And each version of ADAInteract is offered as a stand-alone solution or embedded in LeaveXpert®.

See All of the Features at a Glance

See which version of ADAInteract is best for your company.

Nuts & Bolts Guide to the ADA/ADAAA Interactive Process

Understand the fundamentals of the ADA/ADAAA and implement an effective “interactive process” to efficiently and properly manage requests and accommodations.

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