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Optis Insights: Make Your People Data Visible and Manageable

Optis Insights

For enterprise employers, insurers, and third-party administrators with complex people-data needs, Optis Insights is employee and HR data-management software that mitigates risk and gives you greater insight into your data from all of your HR data systems.

  • Remove the uncertainty and drastically cut the time for getting high-quality, centralized data and total transparency into your people data from any source or HR data system.
  • Get data-driven intelligence tailored to your organization’s needs.

The Optis Insights Difference for Total Employee Data Management

See at a glance how Optis is different from IT departments and big-box data-conversion and data-management companies, and offers what off-the-shelf software providers don’t.

Optis Offers
  • 25 years of experience in employee and HR data integration
  • An unparalleled focus on time and attendance, absence, and disability
  • Fine-tuned expertise in mapping and integrating data from multiple systems
  • Delivery of the information that you and your organization need — on time
Data Warehousing
Put your people data in one location and make it easier to manage.
Reporting and Intelligence
Turn your people data into actionable business decisions.
Analyze your people data to create cost savings and increase workforce productivity.
Data Conversion Services
Adapt your people data to meet the changing needs of your business.


files converted or imported by Optis Insights annually, on average

Turn Your Tsunami of People Data Into a Steady Stream of Data-driven Business Intelligence

Focus on four areas to better leverage the constant flood of disparate people data.

People Data in Your Business

Get a better understanding of the people data challenges companies face and how to make people data strategic in your business.

Learn More About Optis Insights

Learn how Optis Insights can mitigate risk and give you greater insight into data from all of your HR data systems.