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Data Warehousing: Put All of Your People Data in One Location

Data Warehousing

Optis Insights HR data warehouse services allow all of your disparate people data to be stored and managed in one location, from employee benefits to risk management. Optis’ HR and employee data warehouse services:

  • Are designed for optimal manageability and accessibility
  • Give you more control and insight into all of your employee-generated data
  • Help you make better business decisions every day

650 million

records of people data stored in Optis Data Warehousing

Get More Clarity Into Your People Data

With configurable data capturing and an intuitive interface, Optis data warehousing services for HR and people data give you a clearer picture of your people data in real time. Start integrating all of your workforce and human resources data with Optis.

Optis Data Warehousing Capabilities
  • Configurable Web portal built on our proprietary WebOptis® 5 platform
  • Quality assurance for data accuracy and integrity
  • Open data format and layout for data feeds
  • Quick data collection processes to minimize cost
  • Robust vendor management to improve data quality in the source systems
  • Historical data conversions
  • Archiving for raw data and databases
  • Low cost of ownership

Turn Your Tsunami of People Data Into a Steady Stream of Data-driven Business Intelligence

Focus on four areas to better leverage the constant flood of disparate people data.

People Data in Your Business

Get a better understanding of the people data challenges companies face and how to make people data strategic in your business.

Learn More About Optis Insights

Learn how Optis Insights can mitigate risk and give you greater insight into data from all of your HR data systems.