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LeaveXpert® Essential: Affordable Essential Leave Management with a Free Trial

LeaveXpert® Essential

Meeting the challenges of leave management today is like solving an incredibly complicated puzzle with pieces that continue to change before your eyes. LeaveXpert Essential is a leave management system that reduces your administrative burden, ensures compliance with FMLA and other types of leave, and gives you immediate access to leave information to help you make better business decisions — right out of the box.

Get More Than You Thought Possible

Get your HR professionals back to managing people and worrying less about leave management.

Essential Leave Management Tools and Capabilities Right Out of the Box

A manual leave management system, or even one built internally or one not developed specifically to manage leave, usually creates more headaches for HR and makes an already complex problem more difficult. LeaveXpert Essential delivers the essential capabilities your leave management system needs, including federal and state FMLA regulations, and automated alerts, correspondence, and task management.
Ready Right Out of the Box
You don’t need to purchase any add-ons, sync with any other programs, or buy any additional feature downloads for the system to function fully.
No Unexpected Price Hikes
The fee you start with for LeaveXpert Essential is not simply an “introductory” rate. It won’t be automatically raised after a year or at any other point.

Take a Tour of LeaveXpert

See how LeaveXpert works to help organizations of all sizes see bottom-line business results through effective leave and absence management.

The Land of Unusual Leaves — It’s a Jungle Out There

Staying on top of your state’s leave documentation can be time-consuming, especially if you’re using a manual process, and it can be costly if you’re not in compliance. Learn how to safely and easily navigate the land of unusual leaves.

Start Your 30-day Free Trial Now!

With just a couple of clicks, efficient absence management can be at your fingertips. Start managing your people data in the cloud today.