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LeaveXpert® Learning Center: Illuminate Your People Data

LeaveXpert® Learning Center

LeaveXpert, the state-of-the-art cloud-based leave management system from Optis, chronicles the events associated with managing and monitoring employees who are out on leaves of all types, including FMLA.

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Purpose-built for Quick Implementation and Access

Our leave management software guides HR managers through every aspect of the leave process, including follow-up and return to work. We help organizations of all sizes see bottom-line business impact through effective leave and absence management.

Purpose-built for speedy implementation and access, LeaveXpert gets real-time answers to your leave questions. With LeaveXpert Essential, Plus, and Unlimited, you can gain leave insight upon sign-up.

Compare the Features at a Glance

With three editions, LeaveXpert software can help your company get a handle on leave.

Solving the Puzzle of Leave Management

Based on an Optis survey of HR professionals, discover the leave management pieces that could reduce your compliance risk and cost of absences

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With just a couple of clicks, efficient absence management can be at your fingertips. Start managing your people data in the cloud today.