SOS! We’re Buried Under Too Many Leaves!

Last week, we discussed the benefits and importance of integrating your people data. Collecting data from multiple sources, cleaning it, and combining it is a great start to understanding how your people data can affect your business.

But once you’ve started integrating all of your data, it can pile up quickly. Think about PTO, LTD, STD, workers’ comp, sick leave, military leave, and all the other leave events your company has to keep track of! Even just one subset of data can quickly bury an HR manager or leave specialist.

When your leave specialist is trapped under heaps of leave cases without a shovel to dig their way out, errors start to occur, leave events are mismanaged, and your bottom line is impacted. Not to mention the liabilities that come with mismanaged leave — state and federal leave laws need to be upheld if you don’t want to end up in court.

Hand your leave specialist a shovel!

Utilizing a cloud-based leave management system that offers alerts, task management tools, and state and federal FMLA updates is the shovel your team needs when mismanaged leave events pile up.

Ideally, your system also has leave calculators that take into account the state requirements for protected leave to ensure that your organization is compliant. Online reporting also manages the activities and caseloads of your leave management team. What a relief!

Here at Optis, we don’t want you and your team to be buried under too many leaves. We’ve developed LeaveXpert, a cloud-based leave management system, to help you out. Don’t send out the SOS signal! Seek out an online solution like LeaveXpert and be the HR rock star of your department.

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