Managing Employee Absence This Halloween? Prevent a Nightmare on DOL Street

Intermittent FMLA leave tracking, eligibility requirements and varying leave policies by state is enough to haunt HR in their dreams. However, managing employee absence doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. Here are a few general tips to follow to keep you on track and help you sleep this Halloween -

• An employer has the right to request a medical certification for an employee absence, but don’t ask for one more often than every 30 days (in most cases.) Give the employee space. Don’t wear that metaphorical bladed glove.

Tracking FMLA Shouldn’t Feel Like You’re on an Episode of Shark Week

Shark week. It’s a week that we look forward to all summer here at Optis. While watching theories about Megalodon and the increased shark activity in Chatham in Cape Cod, we can’t help but relate the sometimes voraciousness of sharks to tracking employee absence. (Yeah, we said it…)

Holiday Week Headache: Absence

Managing absence is definitely one of the most challenging aspects of HR. But nothing leaves you banging your head against the wall like a holiday week.

If you don’t have a cloud-based leave management system to get a handle on unscheduled absence and deduct the appropriate holiday hours for employees already on leave, it won’t be the fireworks or 4th of July celebration that causes your head pain.