Absence Management

Are your Leave Specialist KSAOC’s Enhanced by your HR Technology?

What are the KSAOC’s (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics) required in managing an employee leave of absence? While numerous requirements come to mind, the Leave of Absence Specialist should be a leader and innovator for his or her organization in regards to FMLA compliance, maximization of RTW efforts, and understanding and reducing disability and workers’ compensation costs and utilization. Today’s blog will focus on the first of these areas: FMLA compliance.

Leave Management Software, No Really, Where Do I Start?! - Part I

By Scott Lenox, National Sales Representative at OCI

Solving the Puzzle of Leave Management

Putting together a leave management program can feel like putting together the pieces of a difficult puzzle. It’s hard to see the whole picture when the pieces are scattered.

Your leave management team has to coordinate and comply with company policies, federal and state leave laws, and multiple types of leave. Managing communication with absent employees, coordinating replacement workers, and executing a smooth return to work program provide additional challenges. FMLA

Recently, the state of Tennessee amended TCA, Title 8, Chapter 33, Part 1 regarding employees in military service. This may mean absolutely nothing to you. But, if you have employees in the state of Tennessee, you need to know what the amendment was and how it affects your employees’ leave eligibility.

Looking for Answers: OCI Leave Survey

At the annual SHRM conference in Atlanta, GA, OCI hosted our first-ever survey focusing on leave management. We set out to understand some of the issues facing employers with regard to absence, how important technology is to our human resources clients, and gain some insights into the issues on the mind of leave specialists.

Manage Leave Smarter (Not Harder)

We recently came across an article that declared that many HR professionals still aren’t a part of the strategic leadership team at most organizations. We quickly asked ourselves why, as most HR and leave managers are among the hardest working people in their companies.

Leverage Technology to Manage & Track FMLA at DMEC

Are you faced with compliance concerns, extended leave durations, and administrative overload? Uncover industry best practices and learn how to track multiple leave types in a cloud based system during the session, "Leveraging Technology to Manage & Track FMLA efficiently" at the DMEC Conference.