SCRUM: Not Just for Rugby Players…

Over the past 18 months Optis has moved from a waterfall project management model to a SCRUM & AGILE project management philosophy for our new customers who require increased configuration. Developed in 1993, SCRUM promotes agile software development.

Yep, we get it…why would you care what project management methodology is used, just that your high quality product is delivered on time, within budget & scope, etc. But, it turns out that the SCRUM methodology has several benefits for you as the customer. Including –

How to Approach the C-Suite with an HR-Related Value Proposition

There has been quite a bit of discussion at HR conferences, associations, and blogs that has been focused on Human Resources gaining the attention of the C-Suite. Numerous articles and studies have concentrated on Why HR should get invited to strategically share in the business decisions of the top floor, but rarely have we seen the How mentioned. You may be a newly hired HR Director at a 100,000 employee company or an HR associate at a 50 employee company and have never previously had the opportunity to approach the C-Suite with your ideas and strategy.