Leave of Absence

Are You Keeping Pace with Developments in Leave Management?

Let’s face it. Managing employee leave isn’t the most glamorous aspect of HR or workforce management. But it’s certainly among the most challenging. The legal and regulatory backdrop to leave management is complex, and it varies based on factors that range from where you do business to the size of your company. You feel as if the rules are ever-changing. It’s like doing business in an amusement park fun house; it’s a challenge to keep your footing, hard to know if what you’re seeing is real, and difficult to get a firm hold on the rail to help lead you through the maze.

New to LeaveXpert! Self-service Portal Enhancements

We are pleased to announce that we have added several new features within the LeaveXpert self-service portal! These new features are designed to increase time savings, communication efficiency and workflow between the leave specialist and the employee.

Building a Business Case for FMLA & Leave Tracking Software

Do you track FMLA employee leaves for your organization? Tracking employee leaves of absence can be difficult to manage, particularly if you manage leaves within a nation-wide organization with hundreds of employees working across several states with various different leave benefits.

It’s apparent that implementing a FMLA tracking system would make life easier. But, with already stretched budgets and staff, how to do you bring the business case to key stakeholders that a leave management tool is worth the investment?

Solving the Puzzle of Leave Management

Putting together a leave management program can feel like putting together the pieces of a difficult puzzle. It’s hard to see the whole picture when the pieces are scattered.

Your leave management team has to coordinate and comply with company policies, federal and state leave laws, and multiple types of leave. Managing communication with absent employees, coordinating replacement workers, and executing a smooth return to work program provide additional challenges.

Manage Leave Smarter (Not Harder)

We recently came across an article that declared that many HR professionals still aren’t a part of the strategic leadership team at most organizations. We quickly asked ourselves why, as most HR and leave managers are among the hardest working people in their companies.