People Data

Get Data-Driven Business Intelligence from Your People Data

The volume of data in the world is growing exponentially. For the enterprise organization, much of that data is all about your people — data related to time and attendance, absence and leave management, disability accommodations, and more.

Our latest e-book, “Turn Your Tsunami of People Data Into a Steady Stream of Data-driven Business Intelligence,” explains how to more efficiently, securely, and effectively acquire, integrate, manage, retain, and dispose of all of that data.

Your People Data Holds the Answers

Do you have a question or an HR issue about utilization of your organization’s benefit plans? Getting answers to that question might be easier than you think. Most likely, it can be solved by looking at your people data.

#IHRIM2014 Sneak Peek - Ask the Right Questions: Your People Data Holds the Answers

What are the insights you can gain by looking at your people data? Catch a sneak peek of Optis’ session at the 2014 IHRIM Conference “Ask the Right Questions: Your People Data Holds the Answers" here.

Don’t Settle for Less Than All of Your People Data

We don’t have to tell you that people data is the foundation of your HR technology applications. You know that having quality, usable data that can support effective decision-making is a must for your HR department. In the past, utilizing data effectively may have seemed impossible, too expensive or even daunting to an HR manager. But in today’s cloud-based world, the people data necessary to make the best business decisions is literally at your fingertips.

A Look Back at 2012

Happy New Year!

2013 has arrived and we are stoked for the year ahead. We’ve been thinking about resolutions and what we hope to accomplish in the next year and have been reflecting on the year behind us for inspiration. In 2012:

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Our Webinar

Did you hear? We’re hosting a webinar next week:

Getting Control of Your People Data Thursday, Dec. 13th - 1:30p.m. mountain time You can register for it here.

We know what you’re thinking … you’re busy – why give us an hour of your time? Well, we think it’ll be worth your while and here are the top five reasons why:

Getting Control of Your People Data - A Free Webinar

Today's savvy HR manager can't truly be effective without understanding and using employee information, or as we like to call it "people data," to drive program improvements. Who better understands your employees than you, right?

But we understand that compiling data can seem like a daunting, tricky task ...even to the most experienced HR pro. That's where we come in.

Making Big Data Accessible in HR

If you work in HR, you’ve most likely heard of the term “big data.” It’s a common term used to describe the massive amounts of information which is generated in everyday life. This data is getting so “big” that we need different tools to help us manage it to make more educated decisions.

People Data in Your Business

Since our announcement of OCI’s evolution to Optis, we’ve been talking a lot about ‘People Data.’ It’s not surprising that we’ve captured the ears of many HR managers with the term, as managing data is on the mind of every HR professional these days.

HR Tech Recap: HR Professionals need Optis!

Earlier this week, Optis unveiled its new look at the 15th HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago, IL! Aside from buzzing with excitement over our new brand, we were able to speak with top HR Managers & Leave Specialists regarding the challenges and business issues they face each day.