Integrated Reporting and Metrics

An Excerpt From Tools of the Trade

Integrated Reporting and Metrics

Data integration is absolutely necessary for fully understanding the big picture — and addressing the complexity — of integrated programs for disability, absence, and health management.

This highly informative white paper is an excerpt from Tools of the Trade, a comprehensive desk reference published by the Disability Management Employer Coalition.

“Integrated Reporting and Metrics” explains why data integration can meet crucial challenges, such as:

  • Identifying duplication
  • Identifying employee migration from one benefit to another
  • Limiting variation in the ways benefits plans are managed
  • Detecting moral hazard responses
  • Formalizing risk identification
  • Assessing the effectiveness of a program
  • Recognizing Pareto groups
  • Reviewing the cost of workers’ compensation and disability claim overlap
  • Coordinating return-to-work programs

Download “Integrated Reporting and Metrics” to learn more about this important topic and the value of a comprehensive leave management system to get a handle on the types of leave your employees use and to match that information to the costs of leave at your company.