Introducing Optis: The Expert in People Data

It’s no secret that OCI has undergone an evolution this year. Our people data management expertise has brought about a transformation: OCI is now Optis.

Optis is launching with a new logo and website. The fresh look reflects the evolving technology and data services industry and Optis’ future in providing you with excellence in people data management services.

Please check out our press release highlighting our change to Optis and the services we bring to our industry, to our customers and to our business partners.

For many years Optis has delivered data and software services for human resources, employee benefits and risk management professionals. We specialize in making all the disparate people data across an organization easy to see, control and understand.

Our flexible data solutions and cloud software empower our customers to manage leave events, navigate regulatory compliance and integrate all data sources in one location. We’re pleased to continue to offer services that alleviate the burden of manual administration, reduce risks, and get the full picture of your people data to make better business decisions.

We’re very excited to share this announcement with you. Thank you for your continued business and your support!

~ Archie Anderson